Direct cremation - a cost-effective solution to rising funeral costs?

David Bowie opted for a direct cremation with no ceremony or family present when he died in January 2016

A direct cremation is considered the cheapest form of funeral but cost is not its only advantage. As Paul Hensby explains simplifying your funeral can give you and your family the time and money to organise a more fitting celebration of your life.

Indeed, David Bowie had a direct cremation, though he wasn’t concerned by the cost of his funeral. He spent much thought planning his final event and found direct cremation the most suitable option while giving more time for his personal send off.

What is ‘direct cremation’?

Direct cremation is when the body is collected from a mortuary during normal working hours and cremated at a convenient time. Normally, there’s no viewing or ceremony, nor a limousine or cortege for the family and mourners.

The ashes can be collected afterwards if you request them. If the ashes have to be delivered, there will be a small charge.

Popularity growth

Direct cremation has become more popular because some feel it offers them more of a say in how they choose to be remembered. In some cases, people who are aware they are dying and don't want a sombre event after they pass, have opted instead to host an event while they are well enough to participate as a way of saying goodbye to a wider circle of friends.

Not everyone needs the trappings or tradition of a British funeral and through a direct cremation, you can devote more money to the things you care about, whether that be an event for your family and friends or a cause that is dear to you that you would like to continue to support after you pass.

At need versus prepaid options

If funeral costs are an issue, or if you want to save your loved ones the stress and anxiety of organising and paying for your funeral, you might consider the benefits of a prepaid funeral plan. It will freeze the costs at the time the plan is taken out and give you some choice on the type of funeral you want. 

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